Why you should choose a private villa for your holiday

November 7, 2016| France | Paris| Tips


As the summer season dawns upon us it’s time to think about planning your dream summer holiday. While some of us like the excitement of a loud and wild getaway, others see the need to get away from it all and have some alone time as the perfect excuse to book that dream trip.

If privacy is what you need, booking your own villa could be the perfect solution – here are just a few reasons are to why you should take this route when looking for travel options.

You’ll feel at home

After a long flight and the stress of airport queues, transfers and more, there’s nothing more welcoming than your very own villa to sit back and put your feet up. With your own kitchen, bathroom and living areas, a private villa offers you all the comforts of your own home with the added bonus of glorious weather and your very own pool. If relaxing by yourself sounds a little too dull for you, you can always pass the time with cabin fever slots to give you that holiday buzz without the constraints of a hotel.

Quiet neighbours

There’s nothing worse than dropping your bags off and finding out your room is next door to a stag party. If you’re suffering from jetlag, a private villa will offer you the comfort of your own bed without the danger of any neighbours shouting through the wall, whether they’re an arguing couple or a family with a young baby. There’s also the added element of privacy too – with your own piece of land, there’s not a shared balcony in sight.

Comfortable meal times

Long queues, awkward menu pronunciations and figuring out how much to tip the waiter are all synonymous with hotel restaurants. The self catering alternative in your own private villa gives you the opportunity to determine your own meal times, whether you’re an early riser or want breakfast at 5pm, and invariably will cost you less when you factor in buying your own ingredients and not having to tip staff.

No interruptions

Sometimes a do not disturb sign is just not enough – if you want complete and utter privacy, having your own villa saves the embarrassment of maids walking in while you’re still asleep. You may have to clean up after yourself, but you can also enjoy the opportunity to relax without fear of being disturbed, which is worth far more than a daily chocolate on a pillow.