Vacation Rentals properties around the world

Nextaway is here to help you find a beautiful vacation rental in some of the world’s best holiday destinations. We specialise in Spain’s Costa del Sol, France’s stunning Côte d'Azur and in Italy’s stunning cities of Florence, Rome and Venice. They are some of the best holiday destinations in Europe and have a host of wonderful properties to choose from. As well as plenty of holiday rentals, we’ve also got information and advice about locations and events to make sure you choose the right place at the right time. We can also arrange some amazing holiday extras such as private chef, luxury care hire and airport transfers and yacht hire. Our personalised service, luxurious properties and 5* holiday extras will make sure you have an unforgettable holiday.

Check out all our destinations below and search for the vacation rental property that suits your needs.

Spain Holiday Rentals

Spain is a fantastic holiday destination, with long stretches of beautiful coastline, historic and vibrant towns and pretty white washed villages. The delicious food is world famous and the relaxed way of life and the Spanish love of eating, dancing and partying makes Spain a brilliant place for a holiday. We are based in the Marbella area of the Costa del Sol, so our area knowledge is second to none and we can recommend the best places and arrange fabulous activities. The Costa del Sol boasts some incredible luxury villas, from ultra-modern to traditional fincas, so there are lots of great villa rentals to choose from, below are some of the best.

French Riviera Holiday Rentals

The glamour and enduring appeal of the stunning coastline and chic towns and villages of the Côte d'Azur have been seducing holiday makers for decades and show no sign of stopping. Choose from the iconic towns of Cannes, Monaco and Saint-Tropez and indulge in haute cuisine, fine wines and high fashion. Or try life in a small traditional village and enjoy shopping in the amazing farmers markets and taking home the best local produce to enjoy in your villa rental. Where ever you choose, the French Riviera is a wonderful place for a chic holiday on the Med. Check out our favorite holiday villas below.

Italy Holiday Rentals

Italy’s art, culture, amazing food and incredible historic cities make it a magnet for tourists throughout the year. We have a great selection of villa and apartment rentals in the cities of Florence, Rome and Venice. If you love art, then the World Heritage Site and birthplace of the Renaissance Florence will be the perfect for you. Rome has more than two and a half thousand year history and its monuments and museums make it the 14th most visited city in the world. Venice’s canals, bridges, plazas and chapels make it unique and is perfect for a romantic break. Wherever you choose, you can trust that there will be something to appeal to your taste and budget in our holiday rental selection, so take a look!