An Insiders Guide to Amalfi

February 18, 2016| Italy | Amalfi| Cities

Amalfi is one of the top ranking holiday resorts of Italy and here you can see a rush of tourists from all over the world and that too, almost all through the whole year. A typical type of cherubic tranquility overflows here, making the entire area exceptionally alluring and it is this divine ambiance that attracts a whole lot of tourists tothis place in a regular manner. The captivating town area, which lies in the picturesque Amalfi coastal area, was a dominant Maritime Republic once upon a time, along with three other such places and so there are very many places of high historical importance here, which will make your mind really excited. The way the narrow streets run along the side of mountains and sea is really amazing! Entering the town areais quite easy, as it lies between the marvelous town of Salerno and the traditional village area of Positano. The nearest airport is Naples International Airport. You can take an airport bus, which will take you to Sorrento and from there you will get frequent bus connections to Amalfi. 
The townbeach is a very small one and is pebbly by nature and because of the puny size the place will be crowded at all times; but there are lots of other beach enjoyment options, because you can find other excellent beach-areas very close to this place. There are lots of fine sandy beaches in the nearby areas of Minori and Maiori; almost all of them are with good enjoyment facilities including chairs, umbrellas or changing rooms. Your beach life will be all the more exciting, due to the availability of many kinds of water sports opportunities including swimming, boating and scuba diving. Clear azure colored water and smooth sandy surfaces will make your beach enjoyments highly stimulating.

There are some historically important places where you must make visits during yourAmalfi holidays; Duomo di Sant Andrea and the Cloister of Paradise are the first among the list. The doors of Duomo di Sant Andrea is supposed to be made in the year of 1066 and is created in bronze. The entire structure had a massive renovation in the 18th century, but you can see, even now, the ancient architectural beauty throughout the internal and external areas of this church.
Some other noteworthy holiday spots of this place which you must not miss to visit are The Palazzo Morelli, The Paper Museum and The Valley of the Mills. Each of these places will give you outstandingly memorable holiday moments. The month of June 2012 is a special month for Amalfi; it is during this month the forthcoming popular festival, ‘The Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics with Historic Vessels’ is going to take place; the Regatta is held once in every four years.
Some of the fascinating items which you can buy from the local shops are colored ceramics, the handmade paper and the famous Limoncello di Amalfi, which is the locally prepared Lemon Liquor.