5 Great Sightseeing Days Out in Sicily

February 21, 2012| Italy | Positano| Cities

When it comes to true beauty and romance, you cannot get much better than Italy. With masses of culture, history and gourmet restaurants on every corner, it is the ideal location for those looking to experience the vacation of a lifetime. Not only is it filled with some infamous cities, which are home to some of the most famous landmarks in the world, but it is also home to many of the quaintest and most beautiful villages and towns one could hope to visit. Here are 5 of the best destinations for a day of sightseeing in Italy.

Capri is known as the highlight of Naples, providing an enchanting and picturesque experience thanks to its breathtaking scenery and history. A favorite location to many Roman emperors of the past, artists and writers; it is still regarded as one of the top destinations to visit within the Mediterranean today. With sights such as the famous Blue Grotto which is one of the most naturally beautiful landmarks in the world. Visitors will also thoroughly enjoy Anacapri, Certosa of San Giacomo and the Roman villa remains from the 12 elaborate villas which were built by Emperor Tiberius. This is a great place in which to be overwhelmed by both some breathtaking sights and masses of history and culture.

Located east of the famed five villages of the Cinque Terre is the exquisite Gulf of Poets, so name after its attraction to many of the celebrated poets who visited the area. Here, visitors can enjoy the idyllic Tellaro harbour, a tranquil and calming environment away from the hustle and bustle of the neighbouring areas. You can also explore some fantastic areas such as the grotto which is dedicated to Lord Byron in Portovenere or one of the many smaller fishing villages which surround the area. This is the perfect location for fishing lovers, or those who simply love to bask in some peace and quiet.

History lovers will thoroughly love the lively medieval town of Perugia which is situated in close proximity to Assisi, Spello and Gubbio. The town is filled with many historical buildings and modern shops-a brilliant mix of the old and the new. Perugia is home to many attractions such as the Piazza IV Novembre which us a large, open square where many of the locals and visitors congregate together. Situated within the middle of the square is the Fontana Maggiore which is made from pink and white stone and beautifully decorated with intricately carved panels which identify the months of the year and the astrological signs. The Rocca Paolina is a fortress which was built by Pope Paul III over past houses which had been destroyed. Many of the remains can still be found underground and many art exhibitions are also held here.

Positano is known as one of Italy's most romantic and luxurious vacation destinations, which was built vertically on the face of a cliff. Originally known for being a fishing village, the towns popularity soared which resulted in many writers and artists seeking solace during the 1950's. In today's modern culture, it is seen as a fashionable and modern resort which has still maintained much of its original charm thanks to its pastel colored houses and flowers which give it a very picturesque look. This is the perfect location for those who love partaking in activities such as swimming in the clear waters, laying on the gorgeous beach or simply embarking on a stroll to the many cafes and shops within the area. Those looking for some history will enjoy Santa Maria Assunta, Positano's church which boasts a beautiful majolica dome and an icon of the Black Madonna painted during the 13th century.

Finally there is Taormina which is known as one of the best locations within Sicily. Taormina still houses some of the remains of its Greek and Roman habitation such as a fine medieval quarter and castle ruins but is now home to many modern facilities such as shops and eateries. Here, visitors will be spoilt by the fantastic views of the coast and the Mount Etna volcano which is an astounding sight in its own right. Below the town are also some fantastic beaches which will allow you to bask in the sun or take a dip in the cool, clear waters. Attractions include the Greek theatre and the historical ruins, but Taormina also holds an art festival during the summer months where there are many concerts and plays which are held in the Greek theatre.

It is fair to say that Italy has many hidden gems, all of which will offer you a different experience each day and a new take on Italian and Sicilian history.