What to See & Do in Ravello, Italy

February 29, 2012| Italy | Ravello| Cities

Ravello is a marvelous piece of land that lies in the bounds of Italy and by all means, falls under the list of the top rated world travel destinations. This region is precisely situated on a mountain top and overlooks the entire coastal region that gets stretched from Maiori to Amalfi. Even during the very ancient times this region was famous as a cool and groovy holiday resort; with the advancement of time and technology, the significance of the place as an impressive holiday destination got doubled and of late, it is a top-notch holiday destination and tourists from all countries gather here almost at all times of the year for enjoying the divine tranquility. Certainly Ravello is a best bet for making your well-deserved holiday time, truly up to the mark.  

There are some places here which comes under the ‘must not miss to visit’ list, while you are having your Ravello holidays; you must make sure to spend some time at these places, in order to make your holiday time more enjoyable and memorable. Villa Rufolo is one of such places; the history of this villa, which was built by Rufolo’s family, starts from the 12th century onwards. Another villa worth visiting is Villa Cimbrone. The mind-boggling gardens built around these villas will make you wonder; sauntering around these areas will be indeed a pleasant experience! The Church of San Pantaleone is another interesting area; this church was built in the 11th century by Bishop Orso Pavico. There is a historical museum here, which will show you some highly interesting ancient facts. Niccolo di Bartolomeo, a marble creation, is an amazing sight to watch. You must also visit the very famous Church of S.Giovanni del Toro, where you can see some 12th century creations and the ‘Wooden Crocifisso’ of the 15th century.
The Duomo Cathedral, which was created in the year of 1086, is situated in the main town area. The entrance doors of this cathedral are made in bronze and feature 54 highly significant scenes from the life of Jesus Christ. The interior area is beautified using carved white marble. Some of the attractions that you can see inside this cathedral are the holy blood of St. Pantaleone and a fragment of St.Thomas’s finger bone. Another attraction within this church is the museum, where you can see some of the ancient sights like a 3rd century coffin, ancient decorated marbles and the skull of Saint Barbara.  
You can make your Ravello holidays much more bubbly and spirited by engaging yourself in some cruises; for example you can enjoy the thrills of cruising by taking, a day long, Amalfi Coast to Capri Boat Excursion or the Amalfi Coast to Positano Boat Tours, which will need only half a day. For those who are interested in learning some local cooking, that also is possible. This region is famous for musical concerts and you can make your holiday evenings productive by attending some of the local concerts. Taking some walking tours is another possibility of enjoyment in Ravello. There will be good facilities for fishing and boating also. Some of the local items worth buying are ceramics, limencino, gelato and jewellery items; of course, don’t forget to buy the famous ‘Episcopio’, which is a local creation.