Todi is a mediaeval hill town in south Umbria,  in the centre of Italy. Although it is built on a hilltop, the town itself is relatively flat. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside and overlooks the Tiber River. The old town is surrounded by defensive city walls, built by the Romans and Etruscans.
The Piazza del Popolo is the centre of this pretty town. It was once the Roman forum and is built above Roman water cisterns. It has some beautiful buildings including the cathedral and several palazzos dating back to the 13th century. The Palazzo dei Proi is easy to recognize with its trapezoid-shaped bell tower. The Palazzo del Capitano is a grand building with elaborate windows above the portico. Inside are the Etruscan-Roman Museum and the Pinacoteca Art Museum. Other sights are within easy walking distance of the square and there are always some pleasant cafés for lingering and people watching.
One of Todi’s main attractions is the Todi Arts Festival held each July. It includes drama, opera, classical music and cultural performances. It is followed by the amazing spectacle of the Gran Premio Internazionale Mongolfieristico, an international hot air balloon event. In February everyone takes to the streets in Todi for a Carnival party and parade. From mid-November to mid-January there is ice skating in the main square.
The nearest airport to Todi is at Perugia for flights within Europe, or visitors can fly into the larger, busier international airport in Rome about 130km away.

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