Popular Things to Do in Umbria

April 2, 2013| Italy | Todi| Cities


Umbria is undoubtedly a holiday rental paradise as here the tourists can feel like heaven amid the awe inspiring natural locales beautified with the moderate climate of the region. 
In order to get full leisure in the Umbria vacation, it is advisable for all the tourists to pre plan the top activities that they will be doing while renting a villa or holiday home in Umbria. The most popular five things that the tourists can do in Umbria includes-
Sightseeing is a vital holiday activity for all those coming to Umbria on a vacation. It is advisable for the tourists to check out towns, such as, Assisi, Deruta, Orvieto and Spoleto so as to view the different attractions, such as Basilica di San Francesco, located in these places.
Umbria is abundant in world's best museums such as Museo Regionale della Ceramica which the tourists can explore so as to get the details of evolution of ceramics. Tourists must not miss to check out the great tombs in this area such as Ipogeo dei Volumni. Umbria offers world's best cultural sites including art galleries such as Galleria Nazionale where the tourists can check out astonishing collection of Umbrian arts work including the very famous Perugino paintings.
Check out the Events and music festivals
Visitors must not miss the summer, autumn, spring and winter events in this region that includes Christmas in Umbria, Painting the Skies Kite Festival, Corpus Christi Floral Decorations and National Horse Fair.
Umbria is famous for its music festivals such as Umbria Jazz Festival Winter, Todi Festival in summer, Perugia Classico held in late September. All the events and festivals such as Associazione Festival dei Due Mondi (Festival of Two Worlds) held in June July can undoubtedly amaze the vacationers like heaven.
Go shopping
Ceramics shops line Via Duomo in Umbria is growing popular as the best shopping destination for ceramics and the manufacturers are dedicated to provide unmatchable and lovely pieces of ceramics for the tourist coming here from across the world. Umbria is the perfect place available to check out most amazing variety of puppets and wood sculptures.
This place is abundant in top most antique shops such as Carlo & Cesare Bianchini offering world's best variety of antiques and beautiful pietra dure tabletops embroidered beautifully with semiprecious marbles and stones.
Go Clubbing
Umbria is one of the best destinations for those craving for an unforgettable night fun as this place is abundant in world's best night clubs. One of the most alluring features of the night clubs at this place includes spacious dance floors and meeting rooms which can be utilized by the vacationers for personal and professional purposes.
The nightclubs here include renowned DJ's who exhilarate and invigorate the vacationers by playing most popular music such as rock, jazz and hip hop. One can check out most fashionable crowd in the nightclubs of this region.
Dining and wining
This place is abundant in world's best bars where the tourist can taste the most exotic flavor of DOC wines i.e. Denominazione di Origine Controllata wines. Tourists can satisfy their wine cravings as the bars here offer sweet, medium sweet and semi sweet variety of DOC wines which are considered as the popular wines in the entire Italy region.
All the bars in this region are famous because of unmatchable and efficient bar services rendered by modish and polite bar tenders who have sound expertise of pleasing the guests by their appealing yet professional attitude. Umbria is popular for having most efficient food joints such as Tre Vaselle offering delectable Italian food to the guests. Dinning out or even buying local produce from the markets makes self catering holidays so exciting and easy.