Things To Do & See In Todi

March 6, 2012| Italy | Todi| Cities

Todi is a marvelous piece of land, which lies within the geographical boundaries of Italy and is one of the highly appreciated global tourist destinations; the region experiences a real rush of tourists during almost all seasons of the year.It is a part of the medieval hill town of Umbria. The nearest towns are Spoletto, Orvieto and Perugia; by traveling approximately 45 km from Todi you can reach all the three places. Tourists will be able to gain some outstandingly gorgeous scenic vistas from the place, because of the peculiarity of the location; this area lies on the brink of a towering hill and overlooks the lovely river, Tiber. Even though this place stays on a hill-top, the top area is still flat and you can see the residual ancient buildings that lie scattered throughout the region.  

The entire region is highly significant in terms of historical values also; according to the available sources, the history of the place traces back to almost 1330 BC. This extremely charming placeis encircled by Roman and Etruscan walls; this gives an ancient touch to the whole atmosphere. As a tourist you can use Todi region as a real and practical base, for exploring the southern part of Umbria. You can enter the place by bus, car or by train; good connectivity makes traveling easy and also affordable. If you prefer car travel, get in to the E45 route and travel round about 40 km east of the A1 Autostrada. The nearest airport is Perugia Airport for flights within Europe.
Some of the top ranking attractive sites that lie within reachable distances from Todi are the famous Santa Maria Della Consolazione, Santa Maria in Camuccia, San Nicolo’de Cryptis, Tempio dil San Fortunato, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza del Mercato Vecchio, Palazzo del Capitano, Church of the Trinita and The Duomo.
Santa Maria Della Consolazione:
This is a big 16th century Church, with 4 apses and a cute dome and is the best renaissance church of Italy.

Santa Mariain Camuccia:
The original construction dates back to the 7th and 8th centuries, while the restoration was done in the 13th century.

San Nicolo’de Cryptis:
This anicient structure was created in the year of 1093; beneath the courtyard, you can still see the remains of the historically significant Roman Amphitheater.

Tempio dil San Fortunato:
The exterior of this building, which was built in the year of 1292 is with a giant Gothic doorway and is decked with magnificent sculptures. You can see 13th and 14th century frescoes and inlaid wooden choir stalls. Excellent scenic views are possible from these building premises.

The 13th century creations including the Cathedral and the three public buildings are the main enticement factors. There is a bar facility here, which attracts lots of tourists.

Piazza Del Mercato Vecchio:
The Roman remains will make your imaginations fly high.

The key attractions of this place are the Etruscan-Roman Museum and the Pinacoteca Art Museum.

Church of the Trinita:
There is a small museum which will certainly attract all tourists.

The Duomo:
Even though the central rose window is the main attraction, the altarpiece, frescoes and the inlaid wood choir stalls which dates back to the 14th century are also good sight-seeing pieces.

Attending The popular Saturday Market is truly interesting; you will be able to buy useful items like various household items, groceries, clothing, souvenirs, local honey, fruits and vegetables. Alimentari Principi is the principal shopping centre; just give them your home address, they will send anything which they have in the stores, to the given address.