The city of Granada sits in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Southern Spain. It is the capital of the Granada province in scenic Andalusia. Granada's main claim to fame is the huge Moorish citadel called the Alhambra which sits on sheer cliffs above the bustling city. This 14th century palace-cum-fortress was built to protect the Muslim rulers and is still an impressive complex to visit. Known as the "Red Palace" it is best seen glowing red at sunset from the Mirador de San Nicolas below. The Alhambra extends for 740m (2430 feet) and within the fortified walls and gates there is the main citadel, towers, water gardens and countless courtyards. Daily tickets to tour the Alhambra are limited in number so prebooking is essential.

The city of Granada itself is a fabulous Spanish city with wonderful architecture. A guided walking tour is the best way to appreciate the historic heart of the city. The oldest square in Granada is perversely known as Plaza Nuevo (New Square) and the River Darro runs beneath it. See the ornamental Puerta de Elvira through which Ferdinand and Isabella made their triumphal entry into Granada in 1492. The old Arab Quarter runs along the Calle de Elvira and many monuments, churches, paintings and sculptures can still be seen in the nearby streets.

The splendid Granada Cathedral, the Palace of Charles V and the many churches around the city all offer rich treasures and historic artworks to be admired. The Charterhouse Monastery is one of the best examples of Baroque architecture in Spain and the interior splendour is breathtaking. Ornate carvings, priceless painting and frescoes make this a feast for those who appreciate art history.

Beyond Granada the Gypsy Caves of  Sacromonte are an interesting attraction to see.  Some gypsy families still live in these surprisingly comfortable homes and play castanets and guitars at sunset as part of the "Zambra" entertainment.

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